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Viralata Finance is Brazil's #1 Decentralised Financial Ecosystem

Viralata Finance is a collective of investors and volunteer supporters who joined together to adopt the REAU cryptoactive. The idea is unite everyone to use the excellent brand created with the meme and provide a long-term usability project that manages to survive beyond the hype generated by the meme.

It wasn't long before this group of early investors mobilized to define a central idea behind the project, working integrally to make sense of the huge community that had formed around the mongrel.

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Pillars of the Viralata

Born as a meme, the commitment of a community meant that REAU was also born as a project. The collectivity that built it is the same that makes the token so strong. Between ups and downs in the market, what are we currently looking for? Where do we want to go?

Thinking in the market context, three pillars were established for the project:

Education and Introduction of the Brazilian Public to Cryptocurrencies

Tens of thousands of Brazilians had their first contact with cryptoactives through REAU. It is no surprise that there is a huge deficit in financial and crypto education in the country. Brazil is a very fertile ground for cultivating investors and introducing them to the universe of cryptocurrencies. May REAU be the gateway for many through quality public educational content.

Alternative to the Traditional Financial Model

The greates challenge for Viralata is to establish itself as an asset of practical utility. In this sense, there is a team developing solutions for partner business, as well as simpler purchases and transfers for the beginning investment public.

One of the solutions we are about to deliver is REAUPay, a Metamask-based portfolio that will provide exclusive benefits to REAU investors, along with other big news to come.

Financial Support to NGOs and Animal Shelters

The social face of the project is the same as its symbol - a stray dog. In less than three months, the REAU community has obtained an amount of more than R$ 130,000.00 (BRL) in donations, through PIX deposits, cryptocurrency transfers and transfers to the Viralata Finance charity fund, where investors contribute for rewards in NFT (arts encrypted).

Viralata Finance's goal is to provide a solution that can be used on a day-to-day basis, utilizing the reliability and availability of decentralized finance protocols for payments to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.

REAU is the first step in this ecosystem and has been adopted as the governance and "glue" of the entire ecosystem. After a rebranding, a revamped website, listings with international brokerages, partnerships with another DeFi project, high fundraising for charities across Brazil and NFT rewards for those who contributed, the next step to be taken is REAUPay - a DeFi wallet that seeks national acceptance - quite a challenge for a mongrel. This step will not be taken alone and, for that, we will have a new token called AURO.


REAU carries with it some important features:

  • The national memecoin with the greatest repercussion in Brazilian territory;

  • A protest against the new R$200 bill, not represented by a caramel mutt;

  • Deflationary characteristic with rate distribution mechanism (passive income);

  • Viralata Finance ecosystem governance token;

  • Token benefiting from the use of Viralata Finance's ecosystem.

For more information about all these features, read more about REAU:



In August 2021 the new ecosystem token called AURO will be released. AURO will be a low transaction fee, multichain token, perfect to be used in transactions or as a trade investment. Following the line of other inflationary tokens (Cake, Sushi, Uni...), AURO's hold will be encouraged with the availability of reward pools and products that enable its burning.



REAUPay will be Viralata Finance's official ecosystem wallet. It seeks to add all the functionality offered by the ecosystem and partners, in addition to facilitating access to all audiences and displaying prices in local currency (BRL).

📱REAUPay Wallet

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